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People who draw better than me.


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We all know what this message will probably entail, and let me be the first to say,

I'm sorry.

If you're wondering how my comic is going I'm sad to say that it really, actually isn't. I sketched out the first four or five pages and if you guys want to see those I'll definitely put those up, but currently I'm not working on the comic and I'm sadly not planning to go back to it anytime soon.

I KNOW! Don't say it!
It sucks, and I'm a pile of garbage bags. I'm just another number in the long line of fools that tried to make this grand epic into a comic. Another statistic, another broken promise, another disappointment in a long line of faithful fans taking on too much and still believing that tenacity can overcome reality and time.
Kkat just recently (as of September :/) left me a message too, saying she loves what I do and hopes to see more of my comics and it pains me to think about how I'm disappointing her and everyone else (though perhaps I'm stroking my ego a little too much when I'm talking about disappointing everyone, all of you are probably slightly bummed and nothing more.)

I made the decision to stop working on it a few weeks ago but didn't have the heart to come here and tell anyone because I'm something of a coward, and the longer I waited the harder it seemed to announce my decision, but I know I have to at least be respectful of all the love and encouragement you guys have given me, so the least I can do is tell you what's up.

I still feel somewhat unfocused as to the direction and purpose of my art, but I know I want to concentrate more on further developing my skills and creating my own stuff. I've been doing lots of sketching and a bit of painting but really not too much more than that. I've actually been playing a lot more video games in these past few weeks and in a mere 10 MORE DAYS!!!!! Fallout 4 will be out and I'm sure no human will see me at all for at least a week (or more?) I'm more psyched for the game than any game in a long, long time. So there's that inevitable hang up as well.

I don't know what else to say guys. I know you all have probably assumed that this is what happened after all this time anyway so you're all probably not that surprised, and I'm still getting new watchers every week so it sucks that they can't even pretend that I'm on a break and soon I'll be back with a new glut of pages, but the reality of my life is I don't have the time to concentrate on the comic AND do my own thing.
I've probably never said how old I actually am but being 32 (I'm sort of old, I know) means that life sometimes kicks your ass, and you have to actually worry about things like your credit score, and your 401k and insurance bills and a bunch more adult stuff that takes up time and energy. Perhaps other people my age can do all that AND create a whole pile of new content. However I'm, sadly, not one of those people. My work comes out slow and I'm often not as motivated as I think I should be and as a result of that I can only do one or the other.

So to all of you asking me what's up and what I'm doing, it's that. Not the best news, I know, but I'm still stubborn enough to tell you that I'm not giving up on it completely. Maybe it's just more lies I'm telling myself, but I feel like it isn't. Perhaps in a year or something I'll come back and feel compelled to start this again, and when I do it might be even better and easier than it was before. I'll still be around regardless though, so if you guys want to drop by and say hi I'm more than happy to talk back at ya. I might even start uploading my stuff on this page again, though the majority of my recent stuff is non-pony (and unfinished sketches) I still think you guys might like it (or you won't, I'm not your mama you can make your own decisions).

I also know there's only a small amount of regulars who read these journals I endlessly babble on, so to you guys here's a little extra love for your continued interest in some random jack-hole that liked to draw ponies bowing each other up in a post apocalyptic Equestria. :D

WHEW! I feel better now.

Still alive and only slightly disappointing!


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Happy birthday! :icontwilightdanceplz:
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Hey, bro, how are you?
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Message from Kkat:

I miss your amazing Fallout: Equestria comics.  :love:  I do hope you decide to do more.
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Hey ! How are you ? It's been some time since the last news.
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